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SUBLISS - VITALFARCO by MAXIMA - Hair Straighteners

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VITALFARCO by MAXIMA - Hair Straighteners


An innovative system of permanent hair straightening with formaldehyde-free keratin, neither ammonia nor thioglycolic acid.
SUBLISS product formulations are based on the use of a hydrolyzed keratin developed specifically for straightening of the hair fiber: due to its high molecular weight, binds tightly to hair keratin ensuring a permanent reconstruction.
Ensures a long lasting smooth natural on all hair types, from those large and resistant to those ends, frizzy, treated or dyed. Allows you to get either a permanent or a smooth volume control, eliminate frizz and make hair more manageable and easy to manage.

Formulated for both when cold and when hot, according to the type of the hair to be treated and the outcome you want to achieve. Revitalizes and restructures the hair texture and giving an immediate improvement in depth gives exceptional softness and shine.
directions for use:
step 1. SMOOTHING SERUM available in 2 formulations:
-natural hair and resistant;
-treated hair, coated and ends.
The action of straightening SMOOTHING SERUM is guaranteed by effective synergistic action of Cysteamine, a derivative of cysteine. With a gentle reducing sulfur bridges detach of the hair fibers allowing the special hydrolyzed keratin contained in the formulation of integrated
the capillary structure permanently, and Keratin.
packaging: 250 ml tube.
step 2. MILK FIXER: rebuilds the bonds of sulphur by fixing the new smooth shape of the stem and making final treatment. The hair are perfectly smooth, full bodied, stronger and stronger.
packaging: 250 ml tube.
step 3. PROTECTIVERESTRUCTURING: formulated to even out porosity and prepare the hair to ironing, protects hair straightening and complete service before treatment debilitated when the process restoring physiological conditions ideals. Used with the soleplate during ironing, improves hair structure, protecting it from heat. Gives body, shine and discipline and ensures a smooth excellent.
packaging: 75 ml spray bottle no gas.